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The key to Facility Management

Facility assessment is the foundation of controlled, balanced budget facility management. An assessment of your facilities is the only way planning, beyond immediate needs, can be developed.

A facility assessment should provide a report of all facilities, grounds, and the equipment that makes facilities functional. A report by vendor specialists in the various aspects of your facilities functions (e.g. roofs, doors, windows, floor coverings, climate control, paved surfaces, etc.) should state current condition, life expectancy of category item, cost of maintenance/repair/ refurbishment, and projected cost and date of replacement. Armed with such itemized data, current and future budgets can be based upon “real time” costs and projections. Single source “lump sum” assessments will not provide the data necessary for management planning.

Whether it is a single source lump sum or a detailed specialist vendor assessment, the process is quite expensive.

When you purchase the Facility Management System, the cost of a detailed vendor assessment is an integral part of the Facility Manager System.

Step One: Gather Data
Facility Manager System Component



  • Detailed maintenance, repair, and replacement costs for all facility equipment and functions provides the foundation for management control and budget balancing.
  • Knowledge and application of equipment maintenance extends the life of the equipment, amortizes replacement costs, and noticeably reduces energy
    consumption costs.
  • Projected facility and equipment needs and replacement provides budget projections and allows lead-time for budget development.
  • Facility assessment report data provides a significant information base for decision making.
  • A detailed vendor assessment is an integral part of the Facility Manager System and is included in the cost of the System.