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Scan to Archive is the digital filing system that will file, store, and secure all your plans and documents. Your Web based file puts all your plans, specifications, operation and maintenance manuals at your fingertips in organized retrievable data files.

Step One: Gather Data
Facility Manager System Component



  • We guarantee you'll never lose a blueprint, drawing, spec or other document.
  • Large and small-format documents are converted into digital files in universal PDF format.
  • When you need a document or plan, our “Fetch” retrieval system finds the item and you can print out a copy from your desktop.
  • Save valuable time - all construction documents can be accessed or reproduced at any time from any computer location via password.
  • Never lose construction documents or as-built drawings again to architects and vendors.
  • Provides file security from unforeseen events or access by unauthorized individuals.
  • No special training needed.