Turning your problems into Solutions with Facilty Manager System


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There are two types of system management we offer:

Complete System Management consists of providing all the management functions involved with the application of the Facility Manager System.

  • Administration of all data gathering necessary for Planning and Budgeting.
  • Entry of all data into your system.
  • Development, organization, and entry of all data into the projects format for Planning and Budgeting component to form a multi-year program.
  • Pre-scheduling direct to custodian or vendor of periodic maintenance work orders.
  • Pre-scheduling direct to custodian or vendors of work orders that activate projects as they appear on the prioritized schedule.

Step Three: Execution
Facility Manager System Component


Assessment Management is normally included in the cost of the Facility Management System purchase. For those clients that only schedule a Facilities Assessment versus the purchase of the Facility Manager System, we offer the following management services:

  • We will organize and manage the assessment project.
  • Provide and manage vendor activity from our vendor file, or utilize vendors of your preference.
  • Administrate and monitor vendor activity to achieve assessment deadline finalization.

Upon completion of vendor assessment activity, we will gather all data and organize findings and provide a report on the status of your facilities. The report will provide current status of facilities, state the value and need for regular maintenance, state the primary immediate repair and replacement needs, and project major facilities replacement needs.