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Vendor file is a cross section of specialists in those fields necessary to the function of facilities. Those vendors listed in our file are performance tested and often are leaders in their field. Each vendor in our file is represented by a profile page of background and contact information.

Our preferred vendors are utilized in the development of facility assessments as part of the purchase of Facility Manager System. Clients have the option of utilizing their current vendors (at that vendors cost) if they prefer.

Vendor Search:
Our vendor file is indexed by vendor name or vendor category. See attached list for vendor category codes. For Example: To select a vendor, simply enter the vendor's name. If you have a specific need such as a roofing problem, simply enter (vendor code) and the preferred vendor list is accessed.

Vendor File Access:
If you are an FMSystems' client, simply enter your password for vendor file access. If you are visiting the website and wish to access the vendor file, complete the information listed to acquire a temporary password.

Step One: Gather Data
Facility Manager System Component


Issue Types:

A. Equipment
B1 - Grounds
B2 - Pavement
B3 - Phy-Ed / Athletics
B4 - Playgrounds
C1 - Roofs
C2 - Windows
C3 - Building Veneer
C4 - Exterior Entrances
D1 - Flooring
D1.2 - Athletic Flooring
D2 - Wall Finishes
D3 - Ceiling Treatment
D4 - Doors, Frames & Hardware
D5 - Lockers & Coat Hooks
D6 - Cabinetry
D7 - White & Tack Boards
D8 - Window Treatment
D9 - Furnishings
D10 - Signage
E - Room / Space
G - Renovations
G2 - Elevators
HS - Health & Safety
I - Heating Plant
J - Air Conditioning
K1 - Air Handling Units
K2 - Exhaust Fans
K3 - Roof Top Units
K4 - Unit Ventilators
L - Plumbing System
M - Building Controls
N - Sprinkler
O - Specialty Systems
P - Electrical Service
Q - Power Feeder System
R - Branch Circuit Wiring
S - Receptacles
T1 - Exterior Lighting
T2 - Classroom & Corridor Lighting
T3 - Gymnasium & Cafeteria Lighting
T4 - Egress Lighting
T5 - Lighting Control
U1 - Telephone System
U2 - Television System
U3 - Data Network System
U4 - Sound System
U5 - Clock and Bell System
V - Fire Alarm System
W - Security System
ZZZ - Misc.