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The work order system is the application or execution tool for currently scheduled projects or work requests. Work orders are issued for work activity relating to repair or replacement of equipment, building systems or building interior environments.

A work order can be as simple as having a building custodian fix a sticking door, to vendor replacement of a climate control unit, adding an addition or remodeling a building area. Our work order system offers two different types of control systems: a central control work order issuing center or a delegated control authority system.

Step Three: Execution
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  • Work orders can be pre-scheduled for the appropriate project date and automatically issued to the proper work completion source.
  • Work orders are issued via computer link.
  • Work orders can be issued directly to staff or vendors.
  • Vendor orders issued directly to vendors with project lead time can achieve cost savings via convenience to vendor scheduling of work performance.
  • Our work order system tracks project progress and work hours for work efficiency and evaluation.